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Christian is a TV host / DJ / Vlogger from Netherlands. Check out his bio from below.


I am Christian Vredenburg. Maybe you know me from various TV programs such as GTST - Bagels & Bubbels - The Perfect Question or through various roles in TV series. I myself started acting 3 years ago, at one point it got better and better and I got bigger assignments including my biggest role a Supporting Role in the Film: Rokjesdag, with a super director Johan Nijenhuis & also my first real Red Carpet between the stars, oh how cool I thought that then.

Now 3 years later a lot has changed and I have played a part in several films including Fissa, Mannenharten 2, Our Boys and several other small roles in films. I also do a lot of commercials, the best I have done so far is that of,  the Valentine's commercial where "my beloved" had to open the door as a present. I also really enjoyed doing those of Coca Cola & Easy Energie.

At one point people said to me Christian why don't you Vlog… You always experience so many strange things. Had to think about it for a while, but I thought well why not. I looked at my parents very sweetly & a week later I had a good vlogging camera. I filmed a lot of solution and I started to get the hang of it.

1.5 years ago I started my vlogs, so that you are all aware of my adventures! It all started as a hobby that I can now proudly call my passion. I will not only vlog, about my daily activities but also  blog a lot in the field of  Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Travel .

There is also   a new vlog every Wednesday and Sunday at 4:00 PM in which I give you a look behind the scenes of my hectic life from the north. In this way you can get to know me even better as a person 🙂

I hope you enjoy reading and viewing my vlogs & blogs.



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